I'm very happy to announce the birth of Wikidwelling.

It's a new kind of wiki guide, devoted to housing, self-building and sustainable architecture.

Articles, how-to, ideas and projects are intended to be freely shared and enhanced in the wiki way by the users. We'd like to form an international community of different people: not only designers, architects, environmentalists, engineers, self-builders, but also families and collectivities who'd like a cheap, easy-to-build, low-impact home are welcome.

Instead of concrete, we'd like to support innovative uses of local, natural, recycled materials to respect the environment. In our vision, we like to imagine a good, sustainable home for every family around the World.

A hard challenge? It is!

Anyone can help. There are basically three kinds of contents to write:

  1. General reference articles (like encyclopedia articles)
  2. how-to guides
  3. Design and basic structures.

Thank you for joining us in this new exciting adventure!

--MC Kemello 08:59, June 28, 2010 (UTC)