Wikidwelling is your wiki guide to sustainable housing & homebuilding.

Our mission[]

Our mission is to offer know-how about sustainable, affordable housing to everyone in the World.

Articles, how-to, ideas and projects are freely shared and enhanced in the wiki way by an a international community of self-builders, designers, architects, environmentalists, engineers, families and collectivities who simply like a cheap, easy-to-build, low-impact home.

We do support innovative uses of local, natural, recycled materials to respect the environment.

We like to imagine affordable, sustainable homes for everyone around the World.

No-profit purposes, wide spread[]

This wiki is written with a no-profit purpose - to share the knowledge! Everyone can edit. All editors are volunteers. To grant a wider diffusion of its contents, however, all articles may be used both for non-commercial and commercial purposes, as they are released under CC-BY-SA license.[1]


  1. Please note that some images (like the Wikidwelling logo) may be not released under a free license and so they may be not used for commercial purposes without permission of the author. Check an image informations clicking on the lower-right corner of the image frame.

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